Materious is participating in the second installment of CHICAGOLAND this May during ICFF at Wanted Design.
This will showcase many Chicago area designers’ work that was specifically manufactured right here in Chicago.

To make this possible there is a Kickstarter project to raise the funds necessary. You can pick up some of our Cubbys or Piggy at a discount, as well as other projects from our fellow CHICAGOLAND designers.  Check out the project page here, and please back the exhibition in any way that you may and pass it along to others that may want to pick up some great design at a discount and support independent Chicago design at the same time.

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Cut/Once re-enchants the humble, wooden ruler. Instead of an object of mere utility that lives in a drawer, it now is an object of beauty that lives atop the desk. It literally turns the conventional ruler upside-down by hiding the markings which are typically top-side.

Cut/Once not only functions as a ruler, but also as a pen tray or a paperweight. It is more functional, more beautiful, more ergonomic, and more meaningful.

“Measure twice. Cut once.”

Inspired by the carpenter’s adage, it appears as a “cut-off” of wooden molding to remind us of the mindfulness necessary for good craftsmanship. The graphics too are slightly truncated, reflecting again the hazard of haste and carelessness.

_Made in the USA (locally in Chicago)
_FSC-certified hard maple wood
_No VOC, eco-stain
_Laser engraved