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Piggy offers a re-imaginative shift in the form, function, and meaning of the archetypal piggy bank.  Saving money is commonly an act centered upon the self, especially for children—they anticipate eventual indulgence born out of prolonged, fiscal discipline.  Piggy however, with stark and potent simplicity, introduces the notion of charity and directs attention toward others less fortunate. 


The “piglet’s” position and posture relative to the “mother’s,” invites reflection upon issues of little versus big, weak versus strong, dependency versus freedom, and lack versus abundance.  While different, both vessels have the same inherent flaw—rounded bottoms.  It is only by leaning against each other that they stand upright and gain stability.  The interdependency of humanity, whether rich or poor, young or old, or large or small is brought to the fore.  Piggy offers children (and even adults) not only this message, but also a means to deliberately contribute to our social ecology.

Design - materious


slip-cast ceramic

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